Over the last decade, relations between Vietnam and all other countries in the world have developed quickly in many areas – especially tourism. The relationship between vietnam and all other foreign countries in Asia, America, Africa, Australia and Europe are considered to be a strategic importance to Vietnam. With the goal of establishing the best enviroment for foreigners to visit and do business in Vietnam, a vietnam embassy has been opened in almost all foreign countries. The procedure to apply for  Vietnam visa for travellers is actually fast and convenient.

Traditionally, travelers who need a visa to enter Vietnam can apply at Vietnam Embassy. To do this,  travelers are recommended to contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy at their place to check the requires information and documents. Besides, it is necessary to send your original passport to the embassy as the visa to supposed to be stamped on your passport. The processing time may vary among different embassies. Normally it takes 5 working days to be finished. The travellers need to pay 2 type of fees: service charge fee paid to the embassy and visa fee to get the stamp. Meanwhile the visa fee are regulated by Vietnam Government for each type of visa, the service charge may be different from one ambassy to another.

Now we will show you some Vietnam embassies and Consulates in some countries all over the world.

 1: Vietnam Embassies and Consulates in America

2: Vietnam Embassies and Consulates in Africa 

3: Vietnam Embassies and Consulates in Asia – Oceania

4: Vietnam Embassies and Consulates in Europe 

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